Data Archive log

By not selecting a parameters results in selection of all values in that category.

Only data which full fills all criteria are selected.

This archive search function reads data form a file which is edited by hand, thus errors might be present. Please report any errors found so that they can be corrected.

  • Year starts with 2004.
  • Day can be selected for dates not existing but will not produce any output.
  • The CD archive maps are stored in the upper control room.
  • CD number are going from upper left to lower right in the archive maps but are not explicitly numbered.
  • Explicit marking of day time observations started in July 2010. Before that all data were marked as night. The directories on HDD (but not on CD) have been renamed in order to fit the new convention.
  • The search of dates and day/night data is based on the HDD directory.
  • The "Extract" button will extract data acording to the search parameters. The "Show all" button will display the actual content of the archive file.
  • The log/log# column indicates how many sides of observation logs are stored in the upper control room.
  • Comments are primarely present for entries without an observation log.
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