Photo: Teddy Thörnlund
Aluminiseringshuset feb 2009

The Aluminization plant of the Uppsala Observatory

The aluminization plant was set up in 1959, during the construction period of the Kvistaberg Schmidt telescope. It was designed by the engineer F. Thorlin, Stockholm, the engineer in charge of the building of the Kvistaberg Schmidt. The vacuum chamber for the aluminization consists of a cylindrical tank with a diameter of 1.8 m and a height of 1.7 m. Aluminizations of telescope mirrors with a maximum diameter of 1.35 m, the diameter of the Kvistaberg Schmidt mirror, are still carried out here.

Uppsala Meddelanden no. 141. Åke Wallenquist, The aluminization plant of the Uppsala Observatory. 1962.
(Kungl. Vetenskapssamhällets i Uppsala årsbok, 6/1962.)

in Swedish   Aluminisering av astronomiska speglar

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