The Observatory Park

Various smaller telescopes are found in the Old observatory's surroundings. From the far left: the white dome of the main building seen through the trees, the dome of the Triple astrograph, the dome of the 40 cm Cassegrain reflector, the dome of a 30 cm Newton reflector, and finally the red meridian house.
Telescope domes in the Observatory park
Repsold instrument 1881

The Meridian house  -  Stora Meridianhuset

In the meridian house were previously two meridian instruments mounted, where the local time for Uppsala was calculated through observations of bright stars passing the local meridian. The time determinations continued until the late 1920's when time services through radio broadcasting became available.
The picture shows the meridian instrument by the German manufacturer Repsold, purchased in 1881 and mounted until 2003. It is today found at the Ångström Laboratory.

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