Photo: N.G. Sjölander 1996

The old Meteorological Observatory

The meteorological observatory was built in 1864 for the meteorological observations, which was part of the astronomical duties until 1879 when the meteorological professorship was created. The meteorological department later received its own buildings, and stayed until 1949 when they moved to new buildings in the northern part of the park. From 1950 until 1999, the seismological unit was residing there.

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    Photo: Teddy Thörnlund 2009

    The main building from 1885 behind the seismograph house, built in 1904, still containing registrating seismographs used by the seismologists at Uppsala university.

    Photo: Karolina Stadin 2003

    The building for the professor in meteorology from 1893, later containing offices for the seismological unit.

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