Hydrogen broadening Cross-Section Calculator

This page contains details, news and other information about my cross-section calculator code.

This code was announced in Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia,15(3), 336-338, 1998.

The Program

This program interpolates cross-sections from the Anstee, Barklem and O'Mara computed tables of line broadening parameters for transitions of neutral atoms broadened by collisions with neutral hydrogen atoms.

The code will interpolate from the tables, and compute the line width at a given temperature. It was written with the idea that users would take the code and merge into their own codes, but it can be used in stand alone mode. Another aim to make available electronic verisons of the tables for convenience.

New Version Now Available (v2.0)

It had said here for over a year that a new version was coming. I was waiting until I had time to clean up the code a bit more and make a few things more user friendly. However that doesn't ever look like happening so I am putting it up anyway, as is. The main features of the new version are:

The "main internal codes" are exactly the same as version 1.1 but a different "front end" routine (plus necessary extras).


You can download it from here:

A small bug was fixed in version 2.0 on 5/3/2009. Bug fixes are documented in the readme files.


Please report any bugs or problems to me by email.