Hydrogen Line Codes

A set of codes for computing H line profiles has been developed by myself and Nik Piskunov, and was presented at IAU 210, Modelling Stellar Atmospheres, in Uppsala June 2002. There is clearly a need for freely available code to compute these opacities. Codes such as HLINOP and BALMER9 have been provided by Kurucz and Peterson (http://cfaku5.harvard.edu/) in the 1970's based on the broadening theories of the time. Since then, understanding of H line broadening has improved significantly and so there is a need to update these codes. Two computer codes have been produced, namely:

You can download the codes here, which are packaged with the SYNTH spectral synthesis program by Nik Piskunov:

I am extremely interested in views, comments, bug reports and suggested improvements, so please feel free to email me!


2 March 2011: hbop.f ; A wrapper around hlinop.f to implement the occupation probability formalism of Daeppen, Anderson and Milhalas and thus can account for the merging of lines into the continuum.