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5.3.1 File names

(Most of) the file names of the CO5BOLD tar ball are shown in Tables 3.2 and 3.3. Available tweak and scaling files are listed in Tab. 3.4. The - few - corresponding unit-test files are listed in Tab. 3.5.

Program-file names are short, without hyphen (rhd.F90, rhdmpi.F90, rhdut.F90). However, to avoid name-space pollution, very short names for subroutines, functions, modules and their corresponding files are strongly discouraged. Instead, one level of grouping as, e.g., subroutine timing_start and subroutine timing_stop in timing_module, or two levels as, e.g., subroutine rhd_hyd_Step in rhd_hyd_module, are recommended. In these cases, the files are named as the modules they contain, i.e., timing_module.F90 and rhd_hyd_module.F90, respectively.

As Fortran free format is preferred, the normal file suffix is .f90 (or .F90 for files that have to be processed with a preprocessor during the compiling step), even if language elements beyond Fortran90 are used.