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3.8.8 NEC SX-5

First attempts to compile CO5BOLD on neSH:

An environment variable has to be set to F_RECLUNIT=BYTE (before execution of a program) to enable UIO to compute proper record lengths. The cross compiler on kueste is called with sxf90. No optimized version of CO5BOLD has been achieved yet.

Some maybe useful switches are

The compiler flags in the configure script are

  F90FLAGS="-C hopt -sx5 -dw -float0
  -Wf'-L nostdout -L fmtlist -L inclist -L mrgmsg -L transform -M noflunf
      -M noinv -Mnoinexact -M setall'
  -pi exp=rhd_shortrad_operator exp=rhd_shortrad_dtauop ${F90MODULES}
  ${F90TIME} -DMSrad_raytas1"