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A..1 Quantities

Table 1: Symbols and descriptions for quantities.
symbol quantity
$\Delta t$ discrete time-step
$\Delta x$ grid size
$e_{\rm i}$ internal energy density (per mass unit)
$e_{\rm ik}$ total (internal + kinetic) energy
$e_{\rm ikg}$ total (internal + kinetic + potential) energy
$e_{\rm ikb}$ total (internal + kinetic + magnetic) energy
$I_\nu$ frequency-dependent intensity
$\hat{\ensuremath{\mathchoice{\mbox{\boldmath$\displaystyle n$}}
{\mbox{\boldmath$\scriptstyle n$}}
{\mbox{\boldmath$\scriptscriptstyle n$}}}}$ normal vector of length unity
$\nu$ frequency
$P$ pressure
$\rho$ mass density
$\rho e_{\rm i}$ internal energy density (per volume)
$\bar{\bar{\ensuremath{\mathsf{I}}}}$ unity tensor
{\mbox{\boldmath$\scriptscriptstyle v_{}$}}}$ velocity vector