Apollo asteroid (137052) Tjelvar

On a Schmidt film taken at ESO on November 15, 1998, a bright fast moving object was found. Above the discovery image is shown, the asteroid is between the two bright ink marks. The perihelion distance of this object is only 0.24 AU. The provisional designation was 1998 VO33. During 2011 it was named Tjelvar. Below is shown two images of (137052) Tjelvar, imposed on each other, obtained with the Dutch 0.91m telescope at ESO by Arjen van der Meer, Leiden. The motion during the time of exposure was as fast as 7 arcseconds per minute.

During January 2006 Tjelvar was observed from the Kvistaberg Observatory during the 7th opposition. At this occation the asteroid was about magnitude 20.

(137052) Tjelvar is a Near Earth Asteroid belonging to the subgroup Apollo. Below are shown the cumulative number of NEAs known, separated into all objects, and NEAs with diameters larger than 1km.

Claes-Ingvar Lagerkvist