A Survey of Main-Belt Asteroids.

II. Positions and Improved Orbital Elements for 62 Unnumbered Asteroids

C.-I. Lagerkvist, G. Hahn, M. Lundström, J. S. V. Lagerros, O. Hernius, and G. Tancredi


More than 7000 positions of moving objects were detected on 33 films obtained with the Schmidt telescope at the European Southern Observatory in Chile during August and September 1995. The majority of these asteroids are previously unobserved. This paper presents the results for 62 unnumbered asteroids with provisional designations found in the fields. References to the derived positions for these asteroids are given and improved orbital elements have been calculated using all available positions.

Published in Astronomische Nachrichten 3, 1997.

Observed positions

ASCII table with positions. The columns are: asteroid designation, UT date and time, right ascension, declination, magnitude (if determined), O-C(alpha), and O-C(delta).

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