Comet P/1996 R2 (Lagerkvist)

The first Swedish comet

The first Swedish comet was discovered by Claes-Ingvar Lagerkvist on a Schmidt film taken with the ESO Schmidt telescope, at La Silla, Chile. The photographic film was taken on September 10, 1996, during a search for Trojan asteroids in collaboration with U. Carsenty and S. Mottola, DLR, Berlin. The comet is faint (magnitude around 17, at the time of the discovery) and requires a larger telescope to be observed.


The discovery image (49k) taken with the ESO Schmidt telescope on September 10, 1996. The comet is the fuzzy line within the discovery marking made on the plate.

CCD image taken with the 2.2m telescope at ESO on September 12 by R. Schulz and J.-P. Tozzi


Comets in Uppsala

Claes-Ingvar Lagerkvist