Photometry of Asteroids

Photometry of asteroids are made in collaboration with A. Erikson (DLR, Berlin), D.F. Lahulla (Madrid) and I. Belskaya (Kharkiv) with the aim of increasing the number of asteroids with well determined rotation periods.

Lagerkvist in collaboration with S. Mottola, A. Erikson (DLR, Berlin) and M. Di Martino (Torino) work on a photometric study of the Trojan asteroids. Observations have been made with the DLR CCD camera on the Kvistaberg Schmidt telescope and at ESO. The intention is to get observations of all Trojans with absolute magnitudes brighter than V=9.5. New observations will also give pole orientations of several Trojan asteroids.

Claes-Ingvar Lagerkvist