A Search for Trans-Neptunian Objects

We have used CCD imaging to search for trans-Neptunian objects. By carefully scanning one square degree of the sky we expect to find a number of new objects for which we will do astrometry and magnitude estimates. This is of high relevance to our understanding of the origin of our Solar System and proto-planetary disks around other stars.


  1. 04 Mar to 06 Mar 1995, with the ESO 3.5m NTT (remote)
  2. 05 Apr to 07 Apr 1995, with the ESO 3.5m NTT (remote)

Results: 1995 GY7

The weather and seeing conditions were between good and excellent during the observations. While observing the previously known 1994 JS, one new object was found: 1995 GY7. The same images also contained 1995 FB21 discovered only a few days before at the 3.9-m Anglo-Australian Telescope.

Related information and further references

Claes-Ingvar Lagerkvist