Rotation Periods of Asteroids

The data in the Asteroid Photometric Catalogue was used by Lagerkvist and Claesson (Earth Moon and Planets 72, 219-223) for a redetermination of the rotation periods of all asteroids. The total number of asteroids studied was 710, of them are 672 numbered asteroids. Five quality codes for the periods were used. Code a means that a reliable pole position (the list with pole positions is available HERE) exists (47 asteroids), asteroids with a very reliable synodic rotation period (134) have code b. Code c means that the error in the rotation period is smaller than one hour (170) and for asteroids with code d (206) the error is several hours. For 206 asteroids no rotation period could be derived (code 0). An updated table is available here in the file: Spin Rates.

Claes-Ingvar Lagerkvist