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Why Galaxies Care
About AGB Stars
(Vienna, 2006)

"Headwind: Modelling Mass Loss of AGB Stars, Against All Odds"
Höfner S.

JD 11
Pre-Solar Grains as
Astrophysical Tools
(Prague, 2006)

"Mass Loss: The Role of Grains"
Höfner S.

IAU Symposium 210
Modelling of Stellar Atmospheres
(Uppsala, 2002)

"Dynamical Atmospheres and Winds of AGB Stars"
Höfner S., Sandin C., Aringer B., Andersen A.C., Jørgensen U.G., Gautschy-Loidl R., Nowotny W., Hron J.

Selected Publications: Proceedings and Posters