Astrofysikalisk dynamik, VT 2010 (5 hp)

Astrophysical Dynamics (5 ECTS)

First lecture: April 13, 2010, 10:15, room 63133

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Course Overview


Introduction to dynamical processes in stars, planetary systems, the interstellar medium, and stellar systems.
  • Basic gas dynamics and dynamics of self-gravitating systems
  • Formation of stars and planets
    (Jeans instability, collapse, accretion discs)
  • Solar system dynamics
    (planetary orbits)
  • Outflow of mass from stars
    (stellar winds, supernovae)
  • Dynamics of the interstellar medium
    (shocks, turbulence, large-scale flows)
  • Dynamics of stellar systems
    (clusters, galaxies)
Format: lectures, hand-in exercises, computer labs, student presentations


Susanne Höfner

Hans Rickman

Various stages of the stellar life cycle in the galactic nebula NGC 3603
(picture source, caption and credits: