Af Chapman

Stockholm, Sweden

Launched as Dunboyne at Whitehaven, UK, in 1888. Sailed between England and Australia. Sold to the Norwegian Leif Gundersen in 1908 and to Emil Knudsen in 1915. Bought by the Swedish shipping-company Transatlantic in 1915 and renamed G.D. Kennedy. Converted into a training ship. Sailed between Sweden and Australia. Sold to the Swedish navy in 1923. Renamed Af Chapman in honor of Fredrik Henrik af Chapman (1721 - 1808, a famous shipbuilder and vice-admiral of the Swedish navy). Used as a training ship until 1934. Sold to the City of Stockholm in 1947.

Since 1949 the ship is moored in the harbour of Stockholm and is used as a youth hostel - perhaps the most beautiful in the world.

Technical data: length 71.1 m, beam 11.4 m, draught 5.6 m, gross tonnage 1425 t, net tonnage 1380 t.

Photos: Susanne Höfner

Thanks to Thomas Seidenglanz at Stockholm for providing information about the ship and its history.