The 90 cm Westerlund Telescope, Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala
Lon. 17 38 51.8E, Lat. 59 50 14.9N, Alt. 51 m

Left to right: Installation, primary mirror, CCD camera, dome shutter opening, telescope truss tube

Local time is UTC+1[hours].
Date     UTC-Time Az/Alt/Phase Event          Duration
YYYYMMDD  HH MM   Dir/Deg/Day                  HH MM
20230325  05 23    NE  5d old  Moonrise
20230325  10 56                Midday
20230325  14 08       50deg    Moon culminate
20230325  17 15        W       SUNSET
                               Twilight        02 29
20230325  19 44    W  to  NW   Moonlight       03 35
20230325  22 55                Midnight
20230325  23 19    NW  5d old  Moonset
                               Night           02 46
20230326  02 05                Twilight        02 29
20230326  04 34        E       SUNRISE
                               Day             12 43
20230326  05 28    NE  6d old  Moonrise
20230326  10 55                Midday
20230326  14 58       54deg    Moon culminate
20230326  17 17        W       SUNSET
                               Twilight        02 31
20230326  19 48    W  to NNW   Moonlight       05 08
20230326  22 54                Midnight
20230327  00 56   NNW  6d old  Moonset
                               Night           01 05
20230327  02 01                Twilight        02 30
20230327  04 31        E       SUNRISE
                               Day            >00 20
Astronomical almanac for this location around the time of the last page load. Times are rounded to the nearest minute.
Red: The Sun rises.
Cyan: Twilight condition.
Green: Astronomical night.
Yellow: The Moon is up during night conditions.
Black: Additional information.

The Westerlund telescope was installed in its 6 m diameter dome on the fifth floor of Ångström Laboratory in October, 2003. It is a 90 cm classical Cassegrain reflector with two Nasmyth foci for semi-permanent mounting of different types of instrumentation. The main purpose of the telescope is undergraduate education and introduction to practical astronomical observation methods. The telescope is also used for professional research projects.

Left to right: M57 observed with the Westerlund Telescope, Rosetta space craft fly-by 050304, Comet 17P Holmes 071119 (median filtered)

Current status
Double filter wheel and ST1001E camera mounted at left Nasmyth focus.
UVRI filters installed in internal ST1001E filter wheel (open position available).
Eyepiece mounted at right Nasmyth focus.
Tube sock is not mounted.
Script available to add FITS header keywords during sequence imaging.

Detailed information

Safety information (local access)
Telescope information
The flatfield system project
The dome control project
The sub-aperture and tube sock project
Sub-aperture mask (local access)
Light-shielding tube cover (local access)
Wind protecting slit cloth (local access)
Flatfield screen (local access)
Applying for observing time
Almanac and observing schedule
Daytime observations (local access)
Standard objects
Observing aids
Observation log
User manual (local access)
Data archiving (local access)
Archive search
Technical information
Cabling (local access)
Control software
Derotator (local access)
Dome (local access)
Errors and problems (local access)
Filter wheels (local access)
Hand paddle (local access)
Maintenance (local access)
Support equipments (local access)
Telescope and instrument status (local access)
Image gallery
Telescope and site
Astronomical objects
Add an image to the gallery (local access)
Undergraduate exam project opportunities in astronomy ("Förslag på examensarbeten")
Special-event/sky shows/visits

Astronomers in charge

Prof. Nikolai Piskunov
Dr. Ola Karlsson (gallery maintenance)
PhD. Anna Önehag

Contact information

Phone to telescope control room: 018-471 3038

For all telescope/site related inquiries, please send an email to .

Note: The telescope is not open for public nighttime use. Please refer to the telescope shows in the observatory park.

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