Kvistaberg: Telescopes
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  • Schmidt Telescope (100/135/300cm)
    The telescope was built during the years 1951-1963, and gave photographic plates covering about 4° x 4° of the sky. The plates obtained through the years of observing are found in the observatory's plate archive. The telescope is equipped with a mountable objective prism with an angle of 7°, a three-channel UBV photoelectric photometer can be used in the Cassegrain focus since 1985 and a CCD camera is installed in the primary focus since 1999. The telescope received TV-guiding/computer, installed in a separate control room, in 1982.
    During the years a number of asteroids have been discovered with the Schmidt telescope, both photographically, and during the new asteroid survey, UDAS.
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  • Cassegrain Reflector (40cm)
    The first main instrument at Kvistaberg, after it had become a part of the Uppsala Observatory, was a 40cm Cassegrain reflector, with a photoelectrical photometer, which was completed in 1950.
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  • Schmidt-Väisälä Camera (31/38/73cm)
  • Zeiss Astrograph (20cm)
    The Schmidt-Väisälä telescope was purchased in 1941 from professor Väisälä in Turku and mounted beside the older (1922) Zeiss astrograph. The telescopes were moved from the Uppsala Observatory to Kvistaberg in 1957. In 2005 they were taken to the Ångström Laboratory in Uppsala for renovation.
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  • Zeiss Refractor (13cm)
  • Astrograph (20cm)
    Tamm's 13cm refractor from 1918, in the Tamm dome. In the late 1940's an astrograph was placed on the same mounting.
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    Schmidt telescope
    Cassegrain reflector

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