Gunnar Malmquist (1893-1982)

As a student of Charlier at Lund observatory he became a member of the stellar statistical research group founded by Charlier, applying mathematical methods for statistical analysis of large amounts of observational data.
He developed these methods resulting in for example the "Malmquist relations" which is today one of the standard methods in statistical astronomy.

In 1931 he moved to Stockholm observatory and took part in the completion of the new observatory at Saltsjöbaden.

In 1939 he was installed as professor in Uppsala where he continued his theoretical works using the observational data from the large research on the Milky Way which had been in progress in Uppsala since the beginning of the century.
During his professorship the Kvistaberg observatory south of Uppsala was founded and also Uppsala Southern Station in Australia. The Southern Station gave swedish astronomers the opportunity, on a more regular basis, to carry out observations in the southern hemisphere which was of significant importance before the creation of the European Southern Observatory (ESO).
Active in the Royal academy of sciences in Stockholm and secretary of the Royal society of sciences in Uppsala 1948-1963.

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