Instruments from the Celsius Observatory

Many of the old instruments from the Celsius Observatory are displayed at various places in the present Uppsala Observatory.

Ekström's Quadrant

This beautiful brass quadrant was constructed by Daniel Ekström. He was the leading swedish manufacturer of scientific instruments used by many famous 18th century scientists, such as Anders Celsius and Carl von Linné.
The quadrant, purchased by Mårten Strömer in 1754, has a radius of 3 feet and is equipped with a micrometer.
(It has recently been deposited in the new university museum Museum Gustavianum.)

Dollond's Refractor

Manufactured by the leading international constructor of astronomical telescopes, John Dollond, London. He was the first to produce achromatic objectives on a commercial scale. Purchased to the Uppsala Observatory in 1779.

Geographical instrument

Manufactured by Johan Zacharias Steinholtz, Stockholm in the 1760's.
The instrumental part can be turned 90° making measurements of horisontal angles possible.

Åkerman's globes

Manufactured by Andreas Åkerman in 1766. To the left a celestial globe and to the right a geographical. The Observatory has in its possession a total of four Åkerman globes.