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The 9 inch refractor

D = 24.4 cm ,  f = 4.33 m

The telescope was purchased from the manufacturers Steinheil & Söhne in Munich for the amount of 15000 SEK in 1860.
It was replaced in the main dome of the old observatory in late 1892 by the present double refractor.

The high quality optics was preserved and is still doing its duty as a guide telescope on the 135 cm Schmidt telescope
at the Kvistaberg observatory. The remaining parts of the refractor are today displayed at the Ångström Laboratory, where the observatory is located since 2000.

All the observational journals (log-books) for the 9 inch are found in the observatory's archive.

The telescope contributed to the famous NGC catalogue, (New General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of stars, 1888)
through professor Schultz's observations of 560 nebulae and star clusters, mainly during the years 1863 - 1873. It was also frequently used by Schultz for planetary observations, especially of asteroids.

The NGC catalogue, by John L.E. Dreyer, is a compedium of all the lists of nonstellar objects compiled by many 19th-century observers.
Chief among these lists was John Herschel's monumental "General Catalogue of Nebulae" published in 1864, which is why Dreyer called his catalogue "new".
The NGC contains 7840 objects of many types, numbered in order of right ascension.