Dissertations 1853-1953   (not complete)

Rosén, P.G.           Comet VI 1863. (1866)

Nyrén, M.             A determination of the precession constant using 
                      faint stars. (1869)           
Backlund, J.O.        Determination of the relative orbital perturbations 
                      of minor planet (112) Iphegenia. (1874)

Bohlin, K.            Über die Bahnelemente des dritten Saturn-
                      satelliten, Tethys. (1885)

Olsson, K.G.          A determination of the orbital parameters of
                      comet VIII 1881. (1887)
Charlier, C.V.L.      Untersuchung über die allgemeinen          
                      Jupiter-Störungen des Planeten Thetis. (1887)

Nordenmark, N.V.E.    Sur le moyen mouvement dans l'anneau des    
                      asteroides. (1894)

Bergstrand, Ö.        Investigations using stellar photography      
                      in the determination of stellar parallaxes. (1899)
von Zeipel, H.        Recherches sur les solutions periodiques de la 
                      troisieme sorte dans le probleme des trois corps. (1904)
Fagerholm, E.         Über den Sternhaufen Messier 67. (1906)

Nordlund, J.O.        Photographische Ausmessung des Sternhaufens
                      Messier 37. (1909)

Lundmark, K.          The relations of the globular clusters and 
                      spiral nebulae to the stellar system. (1920)

Lindblad, B.          On the distribution of intensity in the continuous 
                      spectra of the sun and the fixed stars, and its
                      relation to spectral type and luminosity. (1920)

Petersson, J.H.       The distribution of distances and velocities 
                      of stars in the Carrington zone on the basis 
                      of spectrophotometric analysis. (1927)

Asklöf, S.            Determinations of the stellar parallax from photographs 
                      taken by the 33cm refractor at the Astronomical observatory,
                      Uppsala, in the years 1924-1927. (1927)
Martens, E.           A research on the spherical dynamical equilibrium 
                      distribution of stars of unequal masses. (1928)

Wallenquist, Å.       An attempt to determine photovisual magnitudes 
                      without a colour-filter and a study of the 
                      colours and the magnitudes of the stars in the
                      galactic cluster Messier 7 and its surroundings. (1931)

Vanäs, E.             A spectrophotometric study of stars in Cygnus. (1939)

Wernberg, G.          A spectrophotometric investigation on stars 
                      in bright and dark regions in Cepheus. (1941)

Leijonhufvud, A.      On astronomic, photogrammetric and trigonometric
                      refraction. (1950)

Lyttkens, E.          Problems of dark nebulae, treated by the method
                      of moments. (1951)

Bodén, E.             A research on the galactic clusters NGC 436
                      and NGC 457. (1951)

Westerlund, B.        Luminosity effects and colour-equivalents as
                      measured in short stellar spectra. (1953)

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