Hugo von Zeipel (1873-1959)

von Zeipel participated in the expeditions to Spitzbergen 1898,1901,1902.

He was appointed Observator at the Uppsala observatory in 1911, and later received a personal professorship 1920 - 1938.

von Zeipel worked at the Pulkovo observatory 1901-02, and at the Paris observatory 1904-06 in the fields of celestial mechanics and astrophotography.

His first research area in astronomy was celestial mechanics, also the field of his dissertation,

  • Über die Bestimmung der Integrationsconstanten in der Theorie der Gruppenstörungen. (AN,153,93,1900)
  • Angenäherte Jupiterstörungen für die Hecubagruppe. (1902)
  • Recherches sur les solutions périodiques de la troisième sorte dans le problème de trois corps. (Nova Acta S.S.U., Dissertation,1904)
  • Sur les singularités du problème des n corps. (Ark.m.a.f.,1908)
  • Recherches sur le mouvement de petites planètes. (1917)
he then turned to stellar statistics,
  • Recherches sur la constitution des amas globulaires. (K.V.A.handl.,1915)
  • La loi des luminosités dans l'amas globulaire Messier 3. (Ark.m.a.f.,1916)
  • Photometrische Untersuchungen der Sterngruppe Messier 37. (K.V.A.handl.,1921)
  • Die Bestimmung der Massen der Sterne aus ihrer Verteilung in den Sternhaufen. (AN,1922)
and during his later years he was one of the leading astronomers in theoretical astrophysics.
  • The radiative equilibrium of a rotating system of gaseous masses. (MN,84,665,1924)
  • The radiative equilibrium of a slightly oblate rotating star. (MN,84,684,1924)
  • The radiative equilibrium of a double-star system with nearly spherical components. (MN,84,702,1924)
  • Zum Strahlungsgleichgewicht der Sterne. (Pr.A.,1925)

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