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Supervision & Teaching

On these pages, I present some of my ongoing/recent Master-/PhD-student projects. Current/past courses I give/gave are linked here as well.

SAM4Gaia (Vitaly Makaganiuk, PhD thesis, since Sept. 2007)

Abundance trends among NGC 6397 subgiants (Karin Lind, Master thesis, Jan.-Aug. 2007)

The role of Solar analogues in classifying asteroids (Anna Ínehag, PhD thesis, since Feb. 2007)


If you are an undergraduate student at Uppsala University taking astronomy courses, then the following pages could be of interest to you:

Master-thesis projects

Astrophysical tests of physical theories (VT 2010)

Stellar Physics (VT 2010)

Radiation processes in astrophysics (VT 2009)

Stellar atmospheres (HT 2008)

Stellar atmospheres (HT 2007)

Radiation processes in astrophysics (VT 2007)

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