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Andreas J. Korn

Curriculum Vitae

since February 2010 researcher (SNSB-funded): Gaia (2013-2018), also Gaia-ESO Survey (2012-2016) and 4MOST (2020-2024). I have administrative and scientific duties in all three projects.
June 2008 docentkompetens i astronomi
Feb. 2006 - Jan. 2010 research fellow (VR-funded) in Bengt Gustafsson's group at UAO (Uppsala Astronomical Observatory):
ultra-metal-poor stars, chemical abundances beyond classical models, Gaia; teaching
August 03 - January 06 Leopoldina fellow in Bengt Gustafsson's group:
a bit of everything I have done so far (hot stars, cool stars) plus new aspects like diffusion in old metal-poor stars
July 02 - June 03 scientist in Ralf Bender's group at MPE (Max-Planck Institiute for Extraterrestrial Physics) in Garching:
modelling Lick/IDS indices with different metallicities and element mixtures for stellar populations studies
Jan. 99 - July 02 PhD
Cool-Star Gravities
calibrating non-LTE gravities of cool (metal-poor) stars
with the aim of getting a grip on their absolute age (and thereby the age of It All)
as a scholar of Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes
(supervised by Thomas Gehren at Universitätssternwarte München)
spring 2001 scientific stay at the Landesternwarte Königstuhl:
Pristine CNO Abundances of Magellanic Cloud B Dwarfs,
in collaboration with S. Keller, A. Kaufer, N. Langer, N. Przybilla, O. Stahl and B. Wolf
October 1998 Diploma
thesis: NLTE Abundances from B Stars in the Magellanic Clouds
(supervised by Bernhard Wolf, Landesternwarte Königstuhl)
1995 - 96 Master of Science in Astrophysics at Queen Mary & Westfield College, London
as a scholar of BAYER Industries
thesis: The Light Elements (supervised by John A. Edgington)
1993 - 98 maths, physics & astronomy at Heidelberg University
autumn/winter 92 study of maths and physics at Marburg University
June 92 Abitur at the Gymnasium Philippinum in Marburg
1989 - '90 AFS exchange student in Chicago, Illinois
as a junior ambassador of the Parliamentary Partnership Program (PPP)
. . . . . .
July 5th 1972 born as the third and youngest son of
Dr. phil. H.-E. Korn and Dr. med. G. Korn-Heydt

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