Dr Anish M. Amarsi

Theoretical/computational astrophysicist

Theoretical astrophysics
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Uppsala University
Box 516, 75120 Uppsala
Email: anish.amarsi [at] physics.uu.se


I am a researcher at Uppsala University (since 2021; docent since 2023). Before that, I was a postdoc here (2019 -- 2021), and before that I was a postdoc at MPIA in Germany (2016 -- 2019). Earlier, I was a PhD student at ANU in Australia (2013 -- 2016), and a BA/MSci student at the University of Cambridge in the UK (2009 -- 2013).


The central focus of my research is on making accurate models of the light that emerges from stars like the Sun. By comparing these models against real observations of stars, it is possible to infer essential properties of the stars --- in particular, their chemical compositions. To a good approximation, the present-day chemical compositions of Sun-like stars reflect the compositions of the gas from which the stars formed at their respective times of birth. Thus, by studying stars of different ages and different orbits in this manner, it is also possible to learn about the history and evolution of our Galaxy and the cosmos.

Keywords include:


My funding comes from the Swedish Research Council (Starting Grant, Accurate compositions of Sun-like stars, VR2020-03940), and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (Crafoord Scholarship, The nature of neutron-star mergers via high-accuracy stellar abundances, CR2024-0015).





PhD thesis


1D non-LTE departure coefficients for Ti (Mallinson+ 2024)

3D non-LTE abundance corrections for Fe (Amarsi+ 2022)

1D non-LTE departure coefficients for Fe (Amarsi+ 2022)

1D non-LTE departure coefficients for 13 elements (Amarsi+ 2020)

3D non-LTE C1, O1, Fe2 abundance corrections (Amarsi+ 2019)

1D non-LTE potassium abundance corrections (Reggiani+ 2019)

3D non-LTE hydrogen Balmer line profiles (Amarsi+ 2018)

1D non-LTE silicon abundance corrections (Amarsi & Asplund 2017)

1D/Mean-3D non-LTE iron abundance corrections (Amarsi+ 2016)

3D non-LTE oxygen equivalent widths and abundance corrections (Amarsi+ 2015,2016)


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