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4.2 Example of UIO Data File

To give a first impression about the data structure, here follows a simple test file, which contains the header, a label, a couple of scalars, an array, and a short table:

fileform uio form=formatted convert=native version=0.1.1997.11.29 &
date='29.11.1997 21:23:39.835' system=IRIX machine=atlas osrelease=6.3 &
osversion=12161207 hardware=IP32 language=Fortran90 program=uiotst

label testdata n='sample test data field' date='29.11.1997 21:23:39.835'

integer ia f=I3 b=4 n='This is the answer'
complex ca f='''('',E13.6,'','',E13.6,'')''' b=8 n='This is a complex answer'
( 0.400000E+01, 0.200000E+01)
real da f=E23.15 b=8 n='precise answer'
real answer f=F4.0 b=4 n=answer u=1

real real2d d=(100:103,200:204) f=E13.6 p=4 b=4
 0.100000E+01 0.200000E+01 0.300000E+01 0.400000E+01
 0.500000E+01 0.600000E+01 0.700000E+01 0.800000E+01
 0.900000E+01 0.100000E+02 0.110000E+02 0.120000E+02
 0.130000E+02 0.140000E+02 0.150000E+02 0.160000E+02
 0.170000E+02 0.180000E+02 0.190000E+02 0.200000E+02

table f77table d=(1:5,1:7) f=1X b=1 n='test table to test the table routines'
integer   int1  f=I5    b=4  n='Integer: 1. Spalte'
real      real1 f=F5.1  b=4  n='Real: 2. Spalte'
character char1 f=A16   b=16 n='Char: 3. Spalte'
real      real2 f=E13.6 b=4  n='Real: 4. Spalte'
integer   int2  f=I5    b=4  n='Integer: 5. Spalte'
 int1 real1            char1         real2  int2
    1   2.0 a                 0.100000E+02     1
    2   4.0 ab                0.200000E+02     2
    3   6.0 abc               0.300000E+02     3
    4   8.0 abcd              0.400000E+02     4
    5  10.0 abcde             0.500000E+02     5
    6  12.0 abcdef            0.600000E+02     6
    7  14.0 abcdefg           0.700000E+02     7

Bernd Freytag 2002-02-16