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4.5.3 Compiling and Makefiles

There is a Makefile for the UIO routines. For a certain platform it is necessary to change the name of the module file with the machine dependent routines (uio_mac*_module.f90). For this purpose the environment variable UIOMAC has to set to name of the appropriate routine (see Sect. 3.2). Many compilers generate module information files with suffixes like .M, .mod, or .kmo. To clean up information files with other suffixes, they have to be included in the cleaning step.

Calling examples:

make UIO
make UIO "F90FLAGS=-g"
make clean
make cleanall
make remove
make removeall
A section of a typical makefile using the UIO routines may be
# --- Compiler options ---
# --- Libraries ---
# --- Dependencies of exe-files on object files and libraries ---
test.exe: test.o
        $(F90C) $(F90FLAGS) -o ${@} \
          $(UIOPATH)/f90/uio_base_module.o $(UIOPATH)/f90/$(UIOMAC).o \

test.o: $(UIOPATH)/f90/UIO test.f90
        $(F90C) -c $(F90FLAGS) \
          -M$(UIOPATH)/f90 \
# --- Dependencies on used modules ---
        cd ${UIOPATH}/f90 ; make UIO "F90FLAGS=${F90FLAGS}"

Bernd Freytag 2002-02-16