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4.7.2 Reading Data with

The IDL routine uio_data and the IDL function uio_d were the first set of ``high-level'' routines to read UIO data in IDL. They were useful for the easy reading of not too complex data files. By now, they are replaced by the routines uio_struct_rd and uio_dataset_rd (see see next Section and Sect 7).

The old routines allow the opening:

  uio_data, mode='open', filename='model.dat'
  uio_data, mode='open', filename='model*.txt'
  uio_data, mode='open', filename='model.dat', family='mod1'
  uio_data, mode='open', filename='model*.txt', family='mod2'
  uio_data, mode='content'
  uio_data, mode='files'
  uio_data, mode='read', value=rho, 'rho'
  uio_data, value=temp, 'temp'
  uio_data, value=p, 'p', filename='model.dat'
  uio_data, value=p, 'p', family='mod1'
  plot_oi, uio_d('p'), uio_d('t')
and closing:
  uio_data, mode='close', filename='model.dat'
  uio_data, mode='close', filename='model*.txt'
  uio_data, mode='close', family='mod2'
  uio_data, mode='allclose'
of UIO files.

Bernd Freytag 2002-02-16