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Traveling to Uppsala

Traveling to Uppsala is relatively easy. Still, there are multiple options for getting yourself here from where ever you are now. Below we detail our recommendation, as well as some alternatives.

Our Recommendation

  1. Fly to Stockholm-Arlanda International Airport (IATA code: ARN). Arlanda is conveniently situated between Uppsala and Stockholm, and is actually nearer to Uppsala. Most major air carriers fly to Arlanda from all major European airport hubs, if not directly from your nearest airport.
  2. Note that people younger than 26 years of age can obtain a reduced rate on their airline ticket if they book with Scandinavian Airlines's youth program (apply here).
  3. Take the train to Uppsala Central Station. Upon landing, follow signs for SkyCity where you can purchase a ticket for the SL-pendeltåg toward Uppsala for 160 kr. Proceed down to the train and wait on Spår 1 (platform 1). There is a train every 30 minutes at :16 and :46 past the hour. You'll arrive at Uppsala Central Station in 17 minutes after a brief stop in Knivsta.
  4. Walk to your hotel that is likely no more than 10 minutes from Central Station. You may also wish to take a bus or a taxi, which can be picked up at Central Station. We can help you select the appropriate bus number and stop. Note that green buses are for local traffic.

Alternatives traveling from Arlanda

  1. Buses from Arlanda to Uppsala leave every 30 minutes at a cost of 100 kr. Trip time is approximately 40 minutes and arrives at Uppsala Central Station. You will want to take the UL bus number 801, which departs from a platform outside each terminal.
  2. Taxi service is available outside each terminal. Trip time is about 20 minutes at a cost of 500 kr.

Alternatives to Arlanda

  1. Stockholm Bromma Airport: Upon arriving at Bromma, you will need to take a bus to Stockholm Central Station where you can then purchase a ticket with SJ to Uppsala. The train to Uppsala leaves at :11 past each hour from Spår 3 (platform 3) and costs 89 kr.
  2. Stockholm Västerås Airport: To get to Uppsala, you can either take a direct bus to Stockholm plus a train from Stockholm to Uppsala (see above) or catch a local bus to Västerås central station connecting to a direct bus to Uppsala (bus UL 773, UL 774). As the latter is the faster option, we recommend that one.

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Conference venues

Botaniska trädgården

Welcome Reception

Uppsala Konsert & Kongress

Conference Venue

Uppsala Slott – Rikssalen

Conference Banquet

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Meeting rooms in UKK

We have dedicated meeting rooms at your disposal in case you need to hold a meeting on the conference venue at Uppsala Konsert and Kongress during the conference. Please use this Google spreadsheet to book a meeting room that suits you.

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Where to stay

We have block bookings at the following hotels:

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Swedish language

English is commonly spoken and will allow you to navigate your daily interactions. However, if you'd like to learn some basic Swedish, start with a few key words and phrases here, or you can challenge yourself to understand more with free language lessons on Duolingo.

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