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Invited Speakers

Gilles Chabrier

Centre de Recherche Astrophysique de Lyon

Jacqueline Faherty

Carnegie Institution of Washington

Caroline Morley

UC Santa Cruz

Paula Jofré

University of Cambridge

Jim Fuller

California Institute of Technology

Susanne Höfner

Uppsala University

Adam Kowalski

University of Maryland & NASA/GSFC

Aline Vidotto

Trinity College Dublin

Amanda Karakas

Monash University

Sofia Feltzing

Lund Observatory

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Science Program

The workshop will start at 08:45 on Monday the 06th and end at lunch time on Friday the 10th. An opening reception will be held on Sunday 05 June in the evening. There will be a public lecture on Wednesday evening, and a banquet is organized for Thursday evening.
You can find below the online schedule of the workshop, together with a link to access the PDF version of the program.

Download the PDF program book

Solar/Stellar Magnetic Activity and the Impact on Planetary Environments

Morning: plenary session
Room: Great Hall

09:00 Adam Kowalski Advances in Understanding Solar and Stellar Flares
09:35 José A. Caballero Carmencita: The CARMENES Input Catalogue of Bright, Nearby M Dwarfs
09:55 Oleg Kochukhov Understanding the Multifaceted Nature of M Dwarf Magnetism
10:15 Extra long Coffee Break!
11:00 Aline Vidotto Stellar Magnetism, Winds, and their Effects on Planetary Environments
11:35 Xavier Dumusque HARPS-N Observes the Sun as a Star
11:55 Beate Stelzer A Path Towards Understanding the Rotation-Activity-Age Relation of M Dwarfs With K2 Mission, X-Ray and UV Data
12:15 Annelies Mortier Tracking Magnetic Variability From High-Resolution Unpolarised Spectra
12:35 Adjourn for lunch

Afternoon: splinter sessions

14:30 Room: Hall D
Solar/Stellar Connection in the Era of ALMA
14:30 Room: Hall C
Cool Dwarf Multiplicity Throughout the Ages
14:00 Room: Hall B
Sun-like Stars Unlike the Sun
14:30 Room: Great Hall
Variability of Solar/Stellar Magnetic Activity (part 2)


18:30 Conference Banquet: Uppsala Slott - Rikssalen

Cool Stars in the Galactic Context

Morning: plenary session

09:00 Amanda Karakas The Role of Cool Evolved Stars in Galactic Chemical Evolution
09:35 Noriyuki Matsunaga Miras Found in KWFC Intensive Survey of the Galactic Plane
09:55 Ka Tat Wong Resolving the Extended Atmosphere and the Inner Wind of Mira (Omicron Ceti) With Long ALMA Baselines
10:15 Poster Award Winner, graduate student
10:25 Poster Award Winner, postdoc
10:35 Coffee Break
11:00 Sofia Feltzing The Milky Way as a galaxy - impact of large spectroscopic surveys in the era of Gaia
11:35 Louise Margaret Howes The Oldest Stars in the Milky Way
11:55 Jenny Patience Gemini Planet Imager Exoplanet Survey: Overview and Highlights
12:15 Andrea Dieball Deep Near-IR Observations of the Globular Cluster M4: The First Brown Dwarf Candidates in a Globular Cluster
12:35 Concluding Address and Adjourn

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List of participants

last update: 2016-06-07.
477 registrations.

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