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Registration is open.

* The conference fees listed above include 25% of VAT.

The registration fee includes:

The workshop banquet will be held on Thursday inside Uppsala's castle. A ticket to the banquet costs an additional SEK 1050 (SEK 1313 incl 25% VAT). The price includes a three course meal (appetizer, main course, dessert), an aperitif, wine with each course, coffee, and entertainment. Tickets for conference attendees can be purchased during registration, while tickets for accompanying guests can be purchased using the guest registration form.

Student Nation Guest Cards
Going out in Uppsala (or Sweden in general) can be expensive compared to other countries, and more particularly for students. However, Uppsala is the home to student nations, which are student associations dating from the 17th century and the heart of Uppsala's student life. Nowadays, each nation hosts a student pub. These are one of the only places in Sweden to serve untaxed alcoholic drinks. A special student card is needed to enter the nations, but guest passes can be purchased for 75 SEK and are valid for a week. If you are a student, and would like to get a guest pass, you can choose this during registration. You will be contacted by the LOC later on, requesting you to send us a copy of your passport (or national ID card), and a copy of your national student card, or proof of enrollment in a university. You can find more information about the different nations, here.

Guest Registration
Accompanying guests may purchase tickets for the opening reception, workshop banquet, and Wednesday excursions using the guest registration form.

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Request for financial support

We are currently reviewing requests for financial support to attend the 19th Cambridge Workshop on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun. For this reason, we are no longer accepting additional requests. If you applied previously, keep an eye on your inbox next week. We anticipate making the first round of decisions by April 4th.

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Child Care

On-site child care is available. Service will be provided by Nannyakuten through their "Nanny on Location" package. As parents, you'll be able to attend the workshop knowing your child is safely under the supervision of trained Nanny's and you'll be able to visit your child at any point. Parents are expected to supply diapers, toys, food, beverages, etc. For children under 3 years, the nanny to child ratio is 1:2. Please email the CS19 organizers to express interest, or sign-up during registration. Please indicate the number of children, their age, and anticipated number of hours that you'll need child care.

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Wednesday Excursions

There is no individual landmark that is a "must see," but there is a plethora of things to do and interesting places to visit. Or, perhaps you simply want to relax and enjoy the mild Swedish summer. It all depends on what you find interesting! You may sign up and pay for an excursion during registration. Accompanying guests can reserve a spot by using the accompanying guest registration form.

Explore & Enjoy Uppsala

image from James Losey (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Visit Uppsala's many sites and attractions at your own pace or enjoy the downtime by sitting outside at a café or restaurant along the Fyris river. Information about noteable landmarks and musuems, rune stone locations, nature walks, and transportation (bike rental locations, walking/bike paths, bus lines, etc.) will be provided. If you wish to take a bus, it will be advantageous to get a bus card during registration.

Cost: Free (or 125 SEK with bus card) — Time: Unlimited — Limit: None.

Gamla Uppsala

image from Georgios Karamanis (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Visit Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala), which is just north of present-day Uppsala. Gamla Uppsala was a political, religious, and cultural centre from 3rd century AD onwards. It is home to ancient burial mounds, last resting place of the three gods Thor, Odin, and Freyr according to ancient mythology. Old fashioned mead is vailable from the local café. Enthusiasts can visit the Gamla Uppsala Museum (80 SEK) exhibiting archeological findings, or discover the life in 1800's Sweden in the open-air museum Disagården

Cost: Free (or 125 SEK with bus card) — Time: Unlimited — Limit: None.

Brewery Tour & Tasting at Slottskällans Bryggeri

image from Slottskällans ©

Take a tour of Uppsala's largest brewery, Slottskällans Bryggeri. During the three hour long tour you'll learn about the brewery's history, the brewing process, and different beer styles. At the end, samples of "green" beer direct from the fermentation tanks will be available. Oh, and you'll get to enjoy the selection of beers that Slottskällans has to offer! Light snacks will be provided. Skål!

Cost: 450 SEK — Time: 3 hours — Limit: 35 participants.

Lennakatten – Uppsala's Heritage Railway

image from Lennakatten ©

Ride along Uppsala's heritage narrow-gauge railway (Järnvägen) through the Swedish country-side. Authentic stations are serviced along the railway by several passenger coaches, including a vintage steam locomotive.

Cost: 150 SEK (purchase day-of on the platform) — Time: 4 hours — Limit: None.

Tour of Linné Museum & Garden

image from IK's World Trip (CC BY 2.0)

Follow Carl von Linné on a tour of his home and the garden that now bears his name. The Linné Garden was originally founded in 1655 as the first botanical garden in Sweden. Carl von Linné assumed responsibility for the garden in 1741 and arranged the garden according to his own system. The garden remains very much the same as it was when Linné arranged it. Within the botanical garden stands Linné's former home of 35 years, which has since been converted into a museum.

Cost: 220 SEK — Time: 1 hour — Limit: 28 participants.

Vasaborgen – Historical Dungeons at Uppsala Castle

image from Destination Uppsala (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Vasaborgen is the 16th century ruins of the original Uppsala Castle. Built in 1549 by King Gustav Vasa, Vasaborgen was Northern Europe's most defensive fortress. Kings, queens, princes and princesses, servants and guests from near and far lived and stayed at the Castle. The bestial Sture murders were committed here in 1567 and in the Bayliff Dungeon, prisoners were held for a lifetime. It is even said that the daughter of Gustav Vasa, Cecilia, was so badly treated by the court that she still wanders around in the ruins causing mischief.

Cost: 150 SEK — Time: 1 hour — Limit: 50 participants.

Walking Tour of Uppsala

image from Upplandsmuseet (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Do like these people in the picture, except in color and with modern clothing, and enjoy a walking tour of Uppsala. An experienced guide will show you around some of Uppsala's most prominent landmarks including Uppsala's cathedral, Uppsala University's main building, Carolina Rediviva (the University library: home to the silver bible and first editions of many important astronomical texts), and the botanical garden. Cost includes admission to the individual attractions.

Cost: 150 SEK — Time: 2 hours — Limit: 50 participants.

Historic Sigtuna

image from Brorsson (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Sigtuna lies just South of Uppsala on Lake Mälaren and was Sweden's first town. It is a quintessential Swedish town with charming wooden buildings, rune stones, castles, and historic stone churches. This excursion includes bus transportation to Sigtuna, the opportunity to go on a guided walking tour, and freedom to explore Sigtuna on your own.

Cost: 200 SEK — Time: 5 hours — Limit: 100 participants.

Day Pass to Stockholm

image from Thomas Fabian (CC BY 2.0)

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and the self-proclaimed capital of Scandinavia. It's a modern vibrant city surrounded by water. The city is spread across 14 islands with the Stockholm archipelago and the Baltic Sea just to the East. There are a large number of sights to see and places to visit in Stockholm; we can't select just a single one. Instead, this excursion provides you with a train ticket to and from Stockholm and access to local public transportation so that you can go where you'd like without having to worry about how you're going to get there! Maps with attractions and suggestions of what to do will also be provided.

Cost: 200 SEK — Time: Unlimited — Limit: None.


Registration and payment for Cool Stars 19 will be handled by an independent contractor, Akademikonferens. For technical problems, questions about payment procedures, and other concerns, please contact Akademikonferens directly. General registration questions may be directed to the Cool Stars 19 local organizing committee, cs19@physics.uu.se.

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