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OBSERVER: Ola Karlsson
COMPOSER: Ola Karlsson
DATE: 24 November 2013
POSITION: AZ: 150 00 00 ALT: 20 00 00
EXPOSURE TIME: 9x15s, combined
Most of Cetus is located in the southern sky. In greek mythology Cetus is the sea monster in the Perseus story, also featuring Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Cepheus, and Pegasus. The entire constellation can be seen during a couple of hours, and the best time is evenings in the December/January. Although the ecliptic does not go through the constellation planets and the moon can go pass through Cetus due to their orbital inclination. The most known object is the star Mira which is a variable star roughly between 3rd and 9th magnitude. In the image the magnitude of 7 is on it's way to the minima, and not visible to the naked eye. Cetus hosts a lot of galaxies but none is bright enough to appear in the image.

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