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Moon 6

OBSERVER: Ola Karlsson
COMPOSER: Ola Karlsson
DATE: 4 February 2006
The moon at 95 degrees phase angle. The Celsius crater (36 km) can be found in the following way. About 1/6 distance along the terminator starting from the lower end is a clear double crater with the the larger crater above (and cutting into) the smaller. The larger crater is Maurolycus. Go strait to the right from the top of Maurolycus, there are two smaller craters of equal size next to each other (about one Maurolycus diameter from the top point and 1/3 in size of Maurolycus). Continue to the right the same distance as to these double craters. You are now below two other craters place on top of each other and twice the size as the double craters you passed. Where these new craters join, there is a crater just to the left (and of the same size as the past double craters). This is Celsius.

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