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OBSERVER: Ola Karlsson
COMPOSER: Ola Karlsson
DATE: 24 November 2013
POSITION: AZ: 160 00 00 ALT: 40 00 00
EXPOSURE TIME: 7x15s, combined
Pisces is a mostly northern sky zodiac constellation. In greek mythology Pisces represent Aphrodite and Eros. In Sweden Pisces is most conveniently seen in the evenings of the late autumn and early winter. The stars of the constellation is quite faint and there are no bright objects which can be seen in the image, except for Uranus. Go from the left of the lowermost corners of the boundary up to the next corner (the boundary turns left). Continue left a distance corresponding to one third of the distance to the constellation figure above. there is a bright dot just above the boundary line. This dot is Uranus. The vernal equinox is currently situated in this constellation.

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