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Observing time


Before using the telescope the first time, each observer must be introduced properly by an authorized person. 
Send an email to  if you are interested in using the telescope.

Applying for time

Requests for observing time should be sent to . The following information is requested: 
  1. Title of the observing project
  2. Name(s) of observer(s) and other participants
  3. Short description of the purpose of the observations
  4. Observing time needed (dates and hours)
  5. Instrument(s) to be used
Please put something appropriate in the subject line of the mail. Requests will be handled by the time allocation committe (TAC) and may be submitted at any time. Usage regulations
  1. All observers must possess a driving licence for the telescope. Ask Johan Warell or Ola Karlsson about training and licence.
  2. All observations (except the lowest priority 6) must have been granted observing time through the TAC. Shows for public groups must also be booked in the calendar.
  3. Observing time applications are due four times per year: December 15, March 15, June 15, and September 15. Observing periods are Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, and Oct-Dec, respectively. ToO applications may be submitted at any time. The TAC will decide on whether observing time shall be granted, the number of nights, and the priority state for the project. Booking of the same time slot by different projects is possible and encouraged, to guarantee that any given night that is clear will also be used for observations.
  4. In the case that the highest-priority project can not be executed on a booked time slot, the change of status should be reported by a) immediately canceling the time in the calendar, b) immediately informing the project with the next highest priority that the time is available (that is, let one of the observers know personally by verbal communication or a telephone call). This has to be notified to other observers well in advance, at least before noon the day of the observing run. In this scenario, the canceled time may be rebooked on another night during the current period.
  5. Observers who fail to comply with any of the above rules may have their observing time completely withdrawn. Specifically, breaking rule 5 implies that the missed observing night will be logged as actually used and thus cannot be rebooked.
  6. Any problems with the telescope or dome must be reported immediately to the people in charge . Make sure one of these people receives the information, so that the problem may be fixed! If the problem is urgent, use the telephone, particularly if problems are likely to remain until the next night. All errors and problems must be reported, in detail, via email in order to save a written record.
In order to get adequately acquainted with the telescope prior to usage, prospective observers should arrange to sit by and/or assist observers that have been granted individual access to the telescope. Usage priorities The Westerlund telescope is a dedicated scientific instrument. Projects that have scientific merit will have absolute priority over other uses. The descending priority order for user categories is as follows. Priorities are explicitly assigned to each project by the TAC.
  1. Technical time: Repairs or instrument testing, or other highly overriding situations.
  2. ToO: Target of Opportunity observations.
  3. (Under)graduate students taking (under)graduate courses: lab work needing observing time
  4. Undergraduate students performing exam projects
  5. Other users that have been granted observing time
  6. Usage of the telescope when no time is booked for any project (includes daytime shows). Note: also these occasions must be booked in the calendar.
Observing schedule Observing time registered in the on-line telescope calendar has absolute priority. Failure to obey the above rules may result in restriction to use the telescope. The observing time schedule may be found in the telescope almanac. Use calendar fucntion to register and edit your observing time.

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