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Westerlund Telescope control software


The telescope and instrument control software is ASCOM compliant, assuring flexibility and redundancy. Primary telescope and dome control is executed by Autoslew, with MaxIm DL/CCD and TheSky 6 allowing telescope and instrument control. Currently, primary operation is carried out from both Autoslew and MaxIm, with TheSky allowing planetarium-style control.

Written by AstroOptik
Controls dome, telescope, and AstroOptik filter wheels, focuser and derotator.
MaxIm DL/CCD 4
Written by Diffraction Limited
Controls object selection, CCD camera and internal filter wheel, pointing, guiding.
TheSky 6
Written by Software Bisque
Displays telescope pointing, CCD and guide field orientation, and allows graphical object selection.
ASCOM platform
Written by The ASCOM Initiative
Allows control of telescope and instrumentation with ASCOM compliant software (Autoslew, MaxIm DL, TheSky)

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