Astrophysics: Research & Publications

Fields of Research

Dynamical atmospheres and convection in asymptotic giant branch stars:

  • Development of a frequency-dependent radiation-hydrodynamics code
  • Detailed radiative transfer for dynamic atmospheric structures
  • Comparison of models with observations (spectra, colours, line profiles)
  • 3D radiation-hydrodynamical 'star-in-a-box' models
in collaboration with B. Aringer, J. Hron, W. Nowotny, M. Lederer, Vienna; R. Gautschy-Loidl, Switzerland; U.G. Jørgensen, Copenhagen; B. Gustafsson, K. Eriksson, A. Wachter, Uppsala; B. Freytag, Lyon;

Modelling of dust driven mass loss from long-period variables:

  • Interaction of pulsation and mass loss
  • Time-dependent dust formation and wind dynamics
  • Influence of molecular and grain opacities
  • Dependence of mass loss on stellar parameters
  • Observable properties of circumstellar dust shells
  • Non-spherical winds due to slow stellar rotation
  • Mass loss and stellar evolution
in collaboration with E.A. Dorfi,  M.U. Feuchtinger and C. Reimers, Vienna; A. Andersen, Copenhagen; L. Mattsson, Uppsala; F. Herwig, Keele;

Selected Publications and Movies