Observational Astrophysics I (1FA203-V19), 5 points (hp)


Start: Wednesday, January 24th, 2019, Ångström, room 80109 at 15:15


Teachers: Nikolai Piskunov and Oleg Kochukhov, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy




Goals: Understand how modern telescopes, astronomical instrumentation and detector work. Learn about observing techniques and methods, data reduction and future developments.


Structure: The course consists of 2 parts: General information about telescopes, telescope optics and mechanics and Observational techniques and data reduction. The second part will introduce various astronomical instruments and tools including those available on the web.


Grading: In order to complete the course students would have to attend most of the lectures, do the home work, successfully complete and turn in lab exercises and take the exam. This will result in 5 points.


Schedule can be found here.


Lecture Notes and Exercises


Lecture 1  Telescopes 1

Lecture 2  Telescopes 2, Active and Adaptive Optics.

Lecture 3  Direct Imaging and Photometry

Lecture 4  Space Telescopes

Observational lab with the BWT

Lecture 5  Astronomical Detectors

Lecture 6  Detectors and Calibrations

Lecture 7  Spectroscopy and Spectrometers

Lecture 8  Astronomy on the Internet

 Presentations of observational lab and preparation for the exam