Uppsala Southern Station

The Uppsala Schmidt telescope was fully operational at the Mount Stromlo Observatory, situated about 20 km from the Australian capital Canberra, in 1957. During its first period Bengt Westerlund was the permanent Uppsala astronomer at the station. The growth of the city and the rapidly increasing light pollution resulted in the transportation of the telescope to Siding Spring Observatory, situated 400 km north of Canberra, in 1982. The Uppsala Southern Schmidt has produced around 20 000 photographical plates.
The Uppsala Southern Schmidt was constructed in the workshop at the Uppsala Observatory. Professor Malmquist inspecting the telescope in 1956.
Mount Stromlo Observatory in 1957.

G. Malmquist
Uppsala Southern Station at Mount Stromlo in 1957.
The dome of the Uppsala Southern Schmidt at Siding Spring in 1985.

B. Pettersson
The 52/66/175cm Uppsala Schmidt telescope in 1985.

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