Nils Tamm (1876-1957)

Tamm began his astronomical studies at Uppsala university in 1895 with Nils Dunér and Östen Bergstrand as lecturers. After some years his interest and talent in arts made him move to Stockholm and attend the Royal Academy of Arts 1899-1903. His main artistic interest was landscape painting and he continued his studies in France and Italy. After his return to Sweden he moved to the family estate, Kvistaberg, where he built an amateur observatory during the years 1918-1919.

Tamm was one of the founders of the Swedish Astronomical Society (1919), contributed to astronomical research by observing variable stars and was the discoverer of several novae in the 1920's and 1930's. He is also famous for many drawings of planets, especially Mars, using his 13 cm Zeiss refractor in the 1920's. He was an experienced photographer and often combined art and astronomy in his astrophotography.
Tamm had general interests in many different areas. He belonged, for example, to the first generation of radio amateur operators in Sweden with the call-sign SMTC, later SM5TC.

Nils Tamm received an honorary doctorate from Uppsala university in 1945.

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Glass plates (July-August 1919) found at Kvistaberg:

Nils Tamm and his observatory

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View over Kvistaberg from the Tamm dome
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Inside the dome: Tamm at his refractor
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Tamm in front of the manor

Kvistaberg Observatory