VALD acknowledgement and citation

If data extracted from VALD was used in your research work, please include citations to the relevant research articles from which the original data were taken, as provided in the BibTeX file with the extracted data.

Further, please include the following line in the Acknowledgements section of your article, and include citations to the following papers where appropriate:

Pakhomov, Ryabchikova and Piskunov 2019ARep...63.1010P
"Hyperfine Splitting in the VALD Database of Spectral-line Parameters"

Ryabchikova et al. 2015PhyS...90e4005R
"A major upgrade of the VALD database"

Kupka et al. 2000BaltA...9..590K
"VALD-2 - The New Vienna Atomic Line Database"

Kupka et al. 1999A&AS..138..119K
"VALD-2: Progress of the Vienna Atomic Line Data Base"

Ryabchikova et al. 1997BaltA...6..244R
"The Vienna Atomic Line Database: Present State and Future Development"

Piskunov et al. 1995A&AS..112..525P
"VALD: The Vienna Atomic Line Data Base."

When using data from the DREAM database, users are requested to acknowledge the usage of the DREAM database via VALD by:

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