VALD3 Final testing workshop

The VALD team decided to carry a final testing workshop before official release of the VALD3 to the users. Due to the logistical issues and the need for some software work it was proposed to split this workshop in two parts: the first one to be hosted by INASAN (Moscow) during 13-22 October 2013 and the 2nd by the UU in the last week of December 2013.



  1. Current status of VALD3
  2. Summary of beta operation of VALD3
  3. Reproduction of known issues with data
  4. Reproduction of known issues with data extraction
  5. Reproduction of known issues with user interface
  6. Preparing the plan and work division for fixing the problems
  7. Assessing the consequences for the VAMDC interface
  8. Finalizing the 2nd meeting dates


Outcome of the first part:

  1. Data content. The new line lists from R. Kurucz (e.g. for Carbon) do not follow the the convention for parity and causing the confusion between the lower and the upper levels. These need to be handled manually in terms of FORMAT files. Ryabchikova and Pakhomov will prepare the formats and re-import the data. Molecular data must be complemented by the new data for CH, CN and CO from T. Maceron. UH and T. Nordlander (UU) will prepare the data.
  2. Data extraction has a logical flow resulting in a conflict between the replacement list concept and the use of a separate species ID for isotopes. N. Piskunov has a task to find a solution to this problem.
  3. The setup of the default extraction units and environment is confusing. E. Stempels will need to modify the names and the menus in the web interface accordingly.
  4. The addition of the new molecules may require of keep the molecular part presented as a separate DB in VAMDC. T. Marquart and E. Stempels will prepare the interface.
  5. The 2nd part of the workshop will be held in Uppsala between November 22 and 25th 2013.

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