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4.3.4 Recommendations for standard File Structure

The very first entry in an UIO file is always the fileform uio entry, containing information about the file format and conversion type. Afterwards, entries can follow in any order. But it is perhaps a good idea to start the file with three special entries (file_id, description, history) as in

fileform uio form=formatted convert=ieee_4 ...             

character file_id f=A80 b=80 n='File identification'                            

character description d=(1:2) f=A80 p=1 b=80 n='File description'               
This is a file to demonstrate the recommended start entries for all
UIO files.

character history d=(1:1) f=A80 p=1 b=80 n='File history'
UIO demo file: 22-Dec-1997 14:15:15

A recommended format for sets of multi-dimensional arrays (e.g. hydrodynamics: x-axis, y-axis, z-axis, density, velocities, energy, ...) is shown in Sect. 5.1.

Bernd Freytag 2002-02-16