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4.4 Files & Directories & Paths

All UIO-routines are located in subdirectories of a common directory (called e.g. uio), which also contains a Readme file. The subdirectories and their contents are
bin : shell scripts: uiolook, uiocat, uioinfo
f90 : Fortran90 source codes, object files, executables
idl : IDL routines
man/man1: manual pages for shell scripts: uiolook, uiocat, uioinfo
tex : old description files in LATEX, the most recent version is part of this document

To use the UNIX scripts and the makefile you need a global system variable UIOPATH pointing to this directory. The path to the shell scripts and to the man-pages should be added to your shell path variables e.g. in one of the login scripts:

C-shell (.cshrc):

# --- uio ---
setenv UIOPATH "${HOME}/uio"
setenv PATH "${PATH}:${UIOPATH}/bin"
setenv MANPATH "${MANPATH}:${UIOPATH}/man"
# --- *** ---

Korn-shell (.kshrc):

# --- uio ---
export UIOPATH
export PATH
export MANPATH
# --- *** ---

Bernd Freytag 2002-02-16