HARPSpol: Manufacturing and Assembly in Uppsala



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Fiber entrance at the 3.6m Cassegrain adapter with HARPSpol retracted in the parking space.

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The view of the HARPSpol from the top in linear polarization position.
One sees the timing belt that rotates the retarder plates.

Macintosh HD:Users:piskunov:pubWWW:RESEARCH:INSTRUMENTS:Utrecht_April_2009:HARPSipol_optical_table.jpg                                                                            

One of the optical tables with a beam splitter.


The mechanics of the HARPSpol includes 180 parts, some to be manufactured with very high precision.

Most of the parts have been made by Lars-Erik Lindquist at the Uppsala University Center for Advanced Instrumentation (CAI).


The two drivers for positioning the polarimeter (parking, circular and linear polarizations by a Faulhaber DC motor) and for rotating the retarder plates (KH42JM2-951 stepper motor) were supplied by Compotech and Aratron. The ball screw moving the polarimeter was supplied by SKF although after a long delay they sent us something we did not order:
Macintosh HD:Users:piskunov:Documents:DSC00027.JPG

The ball screw that we ordered (left) and what we received from the SKF after 2 months delay (right).


Finally, we were ready to assemble the thing by fixing nearly one hundred screws


and ship it to Utrecht on April 15th 2009 for installation of the optical components and testing.


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