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Gaia and the determination of astrophysical parameters (Astronomdagar, September 2007, Kiruna)

VALD (ASOS9, August 2007, Lund)

Eclipsing binaries as a test for synthetic photometry (IAU Symposium 239, August 2006, Prague)

The metallicity of nearby stars (The Metal Rich Universe, June 2006, La Palma)

Book chapter:

E. Paunzen, U. Heiter, I. Kh. lliev, I. Kamp and W. W. Weiss,,
The group of λ Bootis stars,
2003, in Recent Research Developments in Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 1, Part I, ed. S.G. Pandalai, Research Signpost: Kerala, India, p. 1--37

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