Welcome to the Westerlund telescope's image gallery.

In this gallery you will find images taken at the telescope site of the instruments, activities and other related images. In the parallell gallery, there are astronomical images taken at the site.

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Within each group the images are place in alphabetical order according to the label used.

Images may not be spread without the the consent of UAO.
If consent is given, images must be accompanied with the name of the photographer.

Telescope Images of the main and auxiliary telescopes.
Instrument Images of telescope equipments/instruments and auxiliary systems.
Site Views of from the site and images of the building and rooms.
Activity Images taken during special events/jobs.
Miscellaneous Other images related to the telescope or site.

Image group Image Comment

Telescope Westerlund telescope 1
Westerlund telescope 2
Westerlund telescope 3
Site Bergsbrunna water tower The image is made from 8 tiles where each tile-image is picked from a series of 20 images.
Building 1 Dome construction
Building 2 Dome construction
Building 3
Building 4
Church of Danmark The image is made from 7 tiles where each tile-image is picked from a series of 20 images.
Church of Vaksala The image is made from 13 tiles where each tile-image is picked from a series of 30 images. The sky was partly cloudy (cumulus) and there was some wind during the time of the exposures with the consequence that the sharpest image is not always selected for a specific tile.
Dome and moon
Dome interior 1 Dome construction
Moon rise
Morning fog 1 View
Morning fog 2
Morning fog 3
Morning fog 4
Panorama 1 Summer dawn panorama.
Panorama 2 Winter panorama.
Panorama 3 Winter panorama.
Panorama 4 Early spring panorama
Snow cloud 1
Thunder storm
Vedyxa TV mast The image is made from 17 tiles where each tile-image is picked from a series of 20 images.
Activity Dome construction 1 Dome construction
Dome construction 2 Dome construction
Dome construction 3 Dome construction
Dome construction 4 Dome construction
Dome construction 5 Dome construction
Dome construction 6 Dome construction
Dome construction 7 Dome construction
Dome construction 8 Dome construction
Dome lift 1 Dome construction
Dome lift 2 Dome construction
Dome lift 3 Dome construction
Dome lift 4 Dome construction
Dome lift 5 Dome construction
Dome lift 6 Dome construction
Dome lift 7 Dome construction
Dome lift 8 Dome construction
Dome lift 9 Dome construction
Dome lift 10 Dome construction
Dome lift 11 Dome construction
Dome lift 12 Dome construction
Education 2
Flatfield screen 1 Flatfield screen construction
Flatfield screen 2 Flatfield screen construction
Kvarngärdesskolan 1
Kvarngärdesskolan 2
Observations 1
Observations 2
Observations 3
Open house 1
Rosetta 1 Rosetta fly by
Rosetta 2 Rosetta fly by
Telescope inauguration
Telescope lift 1 Telescope lift
Telescope lift 2 Telescope lift
Telescope lift 3 Telescope lift
Telescope lift 4 Telescope lift
Telescope mask 1 Telescope mask construction
Telescope mask 2 Telescope mask construction
Telescope mask 3 Telescope mask construction
Miscellaneous Gallery 1 Dome gallery
Gallery 2 Dome gallery
Light pollution 1 Light pollution
Light pollution 2 Light pollution
Light pollution 3 Light pollution
Nature 1 Bird

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